Modern Fantasy. Also known as Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, or Dark Fantasy. A stylized subgenre of fiction most commonly written in first person. ModFan is a steadily growing genre that perfectly melds the aspects of fantasy books, such as magic or monsters, with the modern world's cities and technology. A large number of these books have characters wielding both magic and guns. Most ModFan novels fall into two categories. 1:The magical world goes unnoticed by most humans. 2:The magic world is common knowledge (stories taking place in an alternate reality in which the cities and most other aspects of our reality are unchanged.) Examples of ModFan include books by the fallowing Authors; Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Karen Chance, Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Simon Green, and Rob Thurman.
Person 1. "I'm tired of all of these Lord of the Rings copycats."

Person 2. "Me too, that's why I'm sticking to ModFan. Just got the newest Dresden Files book."
by Crevan August 22, 2008