A sub-genre or sub-type of Fantasy Novels that are usually darker in nature, and usually includes violence, and death.
"As the sun set, the Samurai, knowing he would never return to his own world, commited seppuku."

Wow, that was a Dark Fantasy type of ending!
by Kyosuke Himinaru May 3, 2006
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A hip-hop/rap album released by Kanye West. Elaborately produced and relatively well-received by listeners and critics, it went on to become a No. 1 Billboard hit. Key tracks include All Of The Lights (which was worked on in the studio for an excess of 5,000 hours), Monster, and Runaway.
Dude 1: 'ey 'Mano? You hear the new Kanye West album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

Dude 2: Yeah bruh, it was pretty solid.
by COLLECTIVE November 4, 2013
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