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The plural form of shit.

The Unjustified Peril

Written with afterthought by: Shondon

To begin, I'd like to explain exactly why a plural form is necessary. I shall than divert your attention across a series of bridges that will lead to my final conclusion: Mocatransilet must be adapted as the proper way of creating a large image of brown material in the mind's of anyone who's forced to immerse themselves in mountains upon mountains of wonderful poo, otherwise the human race will most surely fall victim to an inescapable end to the limits of disgusting thought.

Shit, in and of itself is much to short to ever be imagined seriously as more than a 5 inch long stick of dung in modern day toiletrics. The word falls flat on it's face in Example 1A, along with 2A, what a weak attempt at explaining the impossible to explain.

Saying Shits whenever the common opportunity arises is such an inconvenient hassle, why not save taxing the brain and change the book one shortcut at a time?

My proposal will craft a revolution among the mocatransilet that fills this mocatransilethole. Every man, woman, and child will be filled with copious amounts of mocatransilet whenever the word gets tossed around over a facebook conversation. Imagine the tintinnabulation that will reign through your mind when you have all the tools that you need to explain the most terrible of situations.
1A: Even though the sound of a flush rung through my ears after a half hour of shuffling my ipod outside of the bathroom, the shit had taken over the toilet, literally choking the life out of the seemingly overwhelmingly clever piece of machinery.

2A: Unfortunately for me, the shit had also invaded my asshole, since looking before doing was never my strong suit.

1B(next level mocatransilet):

Mocatransilet, At this point I'd rather wash my body with dry soap made with granny milk formula. Who knew weed could make your butthole several times wider?
by shondon October 31, 2011
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