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The sexiest man to have ever lived. He will get the ladies so easily it is unreal. He is the alpha-male, the top dog, the leader of men...he is Mo Khan.
"Yeah I am going out with this well fit girl tonight."
"Make sure she don't see Mo Khan, otherwise it is OVER!"
by Wagamamama March 03, 2008
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Mo Khan is the most unreasonable and least splendid individual indeed. He has little regard for other peoples feelings or well being. He's basically a self indulgent sociopath. It is well known that he lives off of the souls of orphans. We he laughs, a little boy gets punched in the face, and a seal is clubbed to death.
He's more than evil, he's graduated from Genghis Khan to Mo Khan.
by Pettman June 20, 2018
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