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Mia is truly the most amazing girl you can meet, she is talented and absolutely georgeous. She is a goddess on earth. Everybody treats her like a queen, most of her time is spent training to be a better version of herself. Your lucky to meet a Mia and even luckier if you are her friend. She is a beautiful dancer and competitive athlete, she has lots of friends and always wants the best for them. Most girls are jealous of Mia but inside she is insecure. Don’t be fooled by her confidence on the outside because inside she’s hoping that nobody notices her flaws. There is no reason not to be mias friend she is loyal, honest and full of surprises and puts others before herself, everybody loves a Mia.
Boy- Woah ! That girls is beautiful
Other boy- That’s because she’s miya (spelt Mia)
by Sparkling1rainbow1 May 03, 2018
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