Biggest cunts in Westminster, MD. No one likes them except the other half breeds and the white trash sluts that live in the trailer parks. They think theyre great at everything even though they often get cut from the sports teams and get arrested for trying to rob other drug dealers. They always end up fighting each other over whose dick is bigger or whose better at NBA 2k. All they do is talk themselves up when everyone really knows theyre going nowhere in life. No one would really noticed if they died and no one would really care.
Person 1: Who are those black kids?

Person 2: Thats 'Mixed Meat'

Person 1: Why are they acting so stupid?

Person 1: No idea.
by I Hate Mixed Meatt April 05, 2011
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Some of the queerest motherfuckers in MD. These gayboys are those who are bi-racial (half black/half white) and often just straight up black kids searching for their identity among the other 6 black people in MD outside of Baltimore. The Mixed Meat squad likes to smoke alot of weed and occasionaly get arrested for robbing drug dealers or petty shoplifting. They are the scum of the earth and no one likes them except themselves.
Q: Who are those douche bags over there acting all cool?

A: Oh, just some Mixed Meat fucking retards.
by I hate Westminster January 20, 2011
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