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In a world, where good cop meets nice cop... you have, Officers Mittens & Darling. Their sole motivation for entering law enforcement came from the same cause. Taking down the person responsible for killing their ethnic families. Baron von Grant. Grant, a Nazi sympathizer, is hellbent on seeing through a plan he calls "the Paco-ronus". A badly punned usage of the Harry Potter spell Patronus; where he intends to build a wall along the border. Davis dipping all "undesirables" in the process... Luckily for humanity, Officer Mittens & Darling are both white, and take him out for ice cream and tickles instead.
If it weren't for the adorable Mittens & Darling, I'd probably have a hot Takis up my dickhole right about now.
by PacoElTaco June 02, 2018
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