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The type of girl who every guy wants because she's beautiful and knows what she wants. She's a tease to most of her guy friends unknowingly but likes her long relationships. She's seen as a bit too friendly by other girls but is just being herself. She'll make you smile, laugh, and understand many things you never knew. NEVER get her angry or that'll be the end of your friendship if you're not bff's. Any guy would be lucky to have this girl, but there's always a few that are undeserving. One of her special talents is her ability to pop guys' nuts when they're acting like jerks.
I know this girl, she's a Misty Abigail. She can make me smile and feel like I've lived my life to its end already.

Look at her, she's such a Misty Abigail. All those guys around her have no chance cause she has a boyfriend already.
by Piswind September 04, 2011
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