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A shitty excuse for an expansion by Blizzard. Blizzard fanboys who are simply blinded by anything that Blizzard makes is good, will follow up with excuses such as "they were in the original Warcraft lore." The Pandaren Brewmaster hero was a april fools joke but was kept anyway so therefor Blizzard felt that it'd be appropriate to make their next expansion even shittier then Cataclysm and best of all, centered around pandas. Like they say, WoW died with the Lich King.
John: What the fuck? An expansion centered around pandas? This has to be a joke.. How the hell did Metzen manage to rip pandas out of his smelly ass and turn it into an entire expansion..

Jeffrey: Pandas have been in the Warcraft lore since Warcraft 3.

John: Shut it Blizzard fanboy. You'd buy anything from Blizzard, even if it's a pile of shit plastered inside a game box. Hell, for all you know, they could just put a sign that says Mists of Pandaria on a pile of bovine shit and you'd still buy it.

Kathy: Are you 2 virgins arguing about a computer game? How about you go outside, make some friends, and get yourselves a social life. Friggin lames.

John: Hey tramp, guess what? How about you go suck off a swagfag's cock till it gets stuck in between that big ass gap between your front teeth, then come back and talk to me. If you knew how much shit this next expansion for WoW is going to be, you'd know why someone like me would be frustrated.

Metzen: So who wants Pandas?
by BovineScat September 12, 2012
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