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A dumb, good-looking younger man, probably a gigolo or possibly even a dumcumpster who is suddenly seen around town with an upstart or otherwise gossipable divorcee, and one who decidedly keeps her new beau out of her usual social circles, which she has deserted for the time being. Similar but in opposite sense to the girlfriend from Canada of Saturday Night Live fame. A knowing play on the the phrase "mystery beef" or perhaps, even on "Mister eBeef", which is a reference to a no-strings-attached hookup acquired via the Internet.
Bob: After Suzy won the lotto last year she went Parish Chilton big time and like crazy fast, fried and dyed her hair, got Botox, Lipo and boob implants and then moved with her passle of chirrens into that abandoned mansion of a spec house there in Collyel - you know, the one with the large swimming pool shaped like a Jim Beam bottle. Oh, and she finally lawyered up and divorced that good for nothing moron Tommy who's been sponging off of her all these years. Next thing you know, she bought herself a Chihuahua, a Hummer H3 and is now with Misteree beef on a two week cruise to Cancun.

Marcus: "One word. . . go girl!" Bob: "Man, bruh, money can't buy good taste!" Marcus: "Who said it had too, lil bro?"

by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
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