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A girl/woman that a boy/man makes up in order to impress other people or make them jealous. Usually someone he "meets" at a typical public place, ie camp, movies, Barnes & Noble, etc. by himself; "reveals" he had a past relationship with her; then tells about all the things he's "done" with her. It is important to note that a Miss Towers can be a real person that the boy/man actually DID have a past relationship with, a stranger, or just some random person who does not exist.
That boy's girlfriend has GOT to be a Miss Towers. He has a million friends and none of them have ever seen her.

Have you heard about Stan's new chick? No way she's real. Gotta be a Miss Towers- the population of this town is like 6,000 and no one knows her.
by katyara July 19, 2009
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