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A Charecter in the wonderfull cartoon
Invader Zim created by Jhonen Vasquez (See Genius) in 2001. Miss Bitters is the teacher of Zim and Dib's class. Extremely scary, she can materializes out of shadows. She spends her lessons "enlightening" her students of the horror's of the world around them, intent on crushing their dreams.
"Doom, doom, doooom! Go home now."
"So, right around there, a negative stigma was attached to the idea of surviving on human flesh."
"Be quick! I can only survive so long in the sun."
by Magical Spleen June 04, 2005
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1)noun: an asian girl in melbourne who enjoys fingering her anus live on webcams, much to the delight of irc users.
2) verb: the act of fingering your anus with 2 fingers
by Eddie January 03, 2004
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miss - a single female, not married, not wanted

bitter - sour, ugly, see evil

missbitter - an irc user that likes to finger her anal live on webcam on irc
for an example message missbiter on irc
by Jono January 04, 2004
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