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Miss Haberkorn (Aka: Dictator Elenor Haberkorn, Ladyfurrow, Mom, Dad, Mommy, Abbie, Abbiekorn, Aberkorn, Future Mrs. Furrow) is only THE BEST teacher at Clayton High School. A teacher by day, CELEBRITY by night, she is definitely one of her favorite students biological mothers, as well as an adopted sister. She is never mean and is NEVER EVER sarcastic. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet and only threatens to prank you when you do it first. She is also very clumsy, awkward, and sometimes her voice cracks like a 12 year old boy. She is very patient and never kicks children out of her class for lunch. We are very proud of her for being proposed to by THE STORM. But tbh we don’t even know who storm is, we only know Blizzard. He used to work at DQ. Even though she doesn’t like sweet things, she does like peanut butter. We just hope that she doesn’t give her children a high five afterward or the nurse will have to call their mom. It is always known that even though she is made into memes and her car sometimes goes missing, that we all love her so much. Also, it has been requested that this quote is put in from her favorite students, “Penis.”
Miss Haberkorn, was that sarcasm?

Miss Haberkorn, I think I just sarcasmed!
by Chloechobaniii December 17, 2018
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