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A malicious teacher, who only thinks about herself and tries to get students to do things without proper reasoning. She has big lips, (Probably from plastic surgery), She also gets her teaching assistant to back her up on anything even if it is untrue

Person 1: *Turns Head*


Person 1: What for?


Person 1: What for?

Miss Daly: Alright, You've got yourself an afterschool detention.
That miss daly, Shes such a cow
by Help me pls February 14, 2017
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She is a nasty piece of work who deserves to eat cow semen. She needs a life and get her head out the fact that she thinks she can draw when she really can't.

Got a fine ass but that's about it. Her attitude is highly unacceptable for school. She needs that type of attitude for when she is in bed in her own house. Highly hated, shoot on sight.
Person 1: Oh my god if she keeps yappin I'm gonna slap her face off her face

Person 2: ano like no one is listening to miss daly

Person 3: aight doll
by Squeezymceasy January 13, 2017
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