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Misotheism is the hatred of God, or the Gods.

At times, Misotheism can stem from a horrible moment in a persons life where the person feels they have been mistreated by God. But most Misotheists are people who either:

- Find the teachings of the God they believe in to be immoral and wrong.

- Feel that the Holy Book of the God they believe in paints an image of an evil God, rather than a wholy good one.

- Blame God for the suffering in the world.

- A combination of the three.

These are the major reasons for Misotheism, though there can be any others, and the only 'requirement' of being a Misotheism is that you hate God.

A person does not even have to believe in a God to be a Misotheist. Simply hating the idea of God and the image portrayed of him/her/it is enough to be classed as a Misotheist.

Misotheism is not to be confused with Dystheism, Maltheism, Antitheism, or Satanism.
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by xX-Joanne-Xx March 30, 2008
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