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1-n.-A non-testical bearing homosexual tranvestite that enjoys an ocational ass/tit fucking, with oral mixed in at random intervals at a medium pace.Or a person who engages in any activities with this type of person.
2-n.-Any pain caused from a homosexual to the ass area, may it be in the form of buttsex or a rhino
3-v.-To engage in gay buttsex
4-v.-A fond loving of homosexuals
1-Adam is a misiura, acting so homosexual.He did that tranvestite last night, and to the best of my knowledge, he enjoyed it.
2-That faggot misiuraed me in my ass last night.
3-I would never misiura any man, however, I think Adam would.
4-Adam misiuras those faggots over there, loves them so much.
by John Rambo:First Blood Part II January 16, 2009
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