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-Saying something with several true and well known facts thrown in and one or two false ones. The appearance is that the false ones are true as well to someone ignorant of the issue.
-Plainly lying and claiming truth
-Using various faulty logic such as appeal to authority or ad hominem to support false claims.
-The use of a generally correct statement with incorrect context.
Poster1: The facts are that wherever guns are legal the death rate increases. The facts are that people shoot up entire schools with legally acquired guns. The facts are that you can cal the police to protect yourself and if you get hurt before you can pull your phone out then you probably don't have time to pull your gun out. Wherever guns are banned the murder rate decreases.
(The misinformation here is that while death rate might increase with legal guns, it happens to be that criminals are the ones often being shot during or after a crime. Schools that have been shot up had guns banned from campus, people sick in the head could go into such a school with illegally acquired weapons, these people seek out such places because they know that no one can shoot back. Police only come after the fact and rarely prevent any violent crime.)

Poster2: Misinfo agent detected, when guns are banned criminals continue using them.
by anonymousanoymous December 07, 2011
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