A person who behaves in a selfish, self centred, lazy or miserly way; a killjoy.

Can be strengthened by adding fucking as an adjective: "miserable fucking bastard".
"I asked him to lend me 20 dollars and he told me to fuck off! The miserable bastard!"

"Let's go to the party!"
"I can't be bothered. I want to stay at home and read a book."
"You miserable bastard."
by ktmboy July 25, 2008
Wretchedly unhappy person who is able to be a complete asshole, incessantly annoying. person totally obnoxious and easy to dislike!
Ricker told me he was an "MPB" a miserable prick bastard, I didn't believe him. Now I know what it is I understand it's true.
by exofloanwolf January 11, 2023