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noun | mis·ca·vi·gi·na | mis-kah-vuh-jahy-nuh

plural _ miscaviginas, miscaviginae

~ a small vagina-like being; characterized by its incredibly small stature and short temper; frankly, everything about it is tiny and usually flaccid;

~ it speaks through a relatively gaping hole on its head which is surrounded by giant wet lips.

~ When a miscavigina’s pink hot rage is in bloom, shrieking screams are expelled from between its sopping wet labia lip tissue; exerting a sound only comparable to that of a supersonic queef.

~ Legend has it that the puny presence of a miscavigina is the byproduct of Stunted Growth Syndrome (SGS); effects undergone amid a curtailed puberty.

Word Origin and History for miscavigina

n. 1680s, from the Latin ‘vagina’

The most famous miscavigina of the 20th and 21st centuries is—one David Miscavigina, for whom the term was originally coined. Miscavigina is successor to Scientology’s sci-fi author, L. Ron Hubbard, aka ‘L. Ron Gingivitis

David Miscavigina has faced much controversy in recent history as result of his ongoing ties to the notorious brick road gang—‘The Lollipop Guild’. Miscavigina vehemently argues against accusations that ‘The Guild’ (as referenced by Miscavigina) is indeed a gang; he stresses that The Lollipop Guild is not a gang but a “club”. Still, Miscavigina remains an active member in this “club”, as part of its NORTHWITCH chapter.
JANE: Look at that tiny little thing, its like the size of my taint.

JOHN: Why's it getting so pink in the face? And sweaty?

JANE: Uhh, I don't think that's sweat. Whatever it is, it looks pissed.

JOHN: Wait...I've read about these. That's a miscavigina!

{The Sound of a thunderous queef radiates through city streets, sending chills up the spines of all there to observe it}

JANE: Aww...he's so cute! He's almost like a real person.

JOHN: Yeah. I wish he wouldn't spit so much while he's screaming though.

JANE: There it goes, it's running into the crowd. Now we'll never find it among normal size folk.

JOHN: Yep. It's Going Clear outta sight.

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