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The hatred of brown people including but not limited to:


7-11 employees




people that think the swastika is still a sufficient peace sign

people that enjoy the movie "slumdog millionaire"

non-supporters of George W. Bush (most american president since Abe lincoln and his hairy chest)

people who masturbate to curry

people who have forgotten showers exist


people that dont eat cows or pigs

people that worship and/or engage in intercourse with cows

mega nerds

people with abnormally hairy arms

people that cant masturbate to the american flag or bald eagles

and occasionaly UPS workers
1-Going into the marines has taught me the importance of teaching Mis-brownpeople-ny in our school systems

2- a major requirement to work for airport security is you have to bea strong believer in Mis-brownpeople-ny
by WhiteLandOwningMale666 January 20, 2010
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