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An Observable psychological effect in which bigots (usually feminists) would assume their opposition in being a complete opposite of bigots. People suffering from this psychological condition often portray themselves of victims of invisible evil force (for example: patriarchy, white privilege, white supremacy and other non-existent figments of imagination) and will attribute this invisible evil force to their opposition regardless of what their opposition actually stands for. In most common cases people who hate X and love Y assumes that their opposition loves X and hates Y.
A normal person: i think men deserve parental rights and men's rights activists are doing a good job.
A feminists: men's rights activists are male supremacists who want to take rights from women!!!
A normal person: isn't feminism a female supremacy movement which actually succeeded in taking some human rights from men?
A feminists: you are misogynists!! Rapist!!! NAZI!!!!
A normal person: classical mirror effect...

A feminist: women are the oppressed minority and need equality.
A normal person: majority of voters are women thus women have majority of political power. Also, women have more legal rights than men.
A feminists: you say that because you hate women.

A normal person: are you sure that this isn't simply your mirror effect speaking?
by 34FUN September 21, 2018
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The phenomena where people act crazy and make faces when looking at a mirror. They will not make those faces otherwise and only they do it when they see themselves in reflective surfaces.

Some would feel a weird urge to do those faces when looking at a mirror. This is referenced in many movies and shows where the actor make funny faces looking at the bathroom mirror.
Man 1: look at that dude making stupid faces in front of the mirror
Man 2: aaah. he is having the mirror effect
Man 1: You know, every time i look at myself in a mirror, i can't help but re-enact stupid scenes with exaggerated facial expressions
Man 2: Many do that, that's the mirror effect.
by Slvador Limonis February 08, 2013
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