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A distractingly handsome man. A Mireck is usually found in small tight knit artist circles, quietly waiting for sharp one liners to deliver.

Mirecks have eyes that will hypnotize his prey in order to

trap the opposite sex into cuddles and marathon love making.

They have a strong passion for theatre and are commonly found in Montreal, Quebec Canada. They themselves are known to be quite talented in acting and singing , as well as

incredibly stunning naked. They are an endangered species,however, one hunting for a Mireck is sure to succeed with a chocolate lure, as they are known for having sweet tooths. If approached by a Mireck do not panic, they are a generally a calm source to be around but it is suggested to keep your eyes down due to the overwhelming amount of blushing they cause in woman.
" The Mireck was stunning today in the theatre event

he wrote , stared and directed in. How talented Mirecks are."
by Lepage February 28, 2010
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