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Mirage III

The Mirage III is a French attack jet. It was first tested in November of 1956. Testing lasted until December of 1959. It can travel at speeds over mach two. It can be armed with three types of tanks, three types of normal bombs, two types of anti-runway bombs, three types of ASM rocket pods, one type of AAMs, or two types of auto-cannons.

Type: attack jet
Dimensions: wingspan 27ft; length 50ft10in; height 14ft9in
Speed: mach 2.2
Payload: 30200lbs
Range: 745 miles
Weapons: two 1700L tanks, two 500L tanks, a 1300L tank, four 250kg bombs, six 400kg bombs, two RPK bombs, ten Durandal anti-runway bombs, eighteen BAT100 anti-runway bombs, two C4 rocket pods, two JL100 rocket pods, two F2 rocket pods, two MATRA R.550 Magic AAMs, two DEFA 552 30mm cannons with 125 rounds each, or two CC420 30mm gun pods with 250 rounds each.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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