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Mirac is a Turkish girl, who has brown hair and eyes, and is really tall. She is sooo nice to a point where you think its too good to be true, if she tells you her secrets she REALLY trusts you; and if she cries in front of people shit is serious. She is EVERYTHING you could ask for in a best friend, she is generous, will help you for ANYTHING, always there for you, always will make time for you, kind, amazing, hot, gorgeous, kind, loyal, friendly. and just ughh so much more :) but... if you get her angry, if you hurt her, betray her. She will REALLY make you regret it :)
Miraç is someone I can't un-meet
by _.3471 May 27, 2017
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mirac. oh mirac. shes gorgeous than you COULD EVER IMAGINE. She is everything you could ask for. she's been through alot, so go to her for advice and whatevers happening will be golden. shes kind beautiful amazing hot. don't Ever betray her you'll regret it.
oh mirac. why did i ever betray her
by mgold3471 May 26, 2017
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