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When you and your partner want to get a little freaky while playing in the back-door. First with your index finger warm up and massage the butt-hole, then move to two fingers when ready. If you can get to three fingers that would be best, then take a bottle of mouthwash, preferably vanilla mint because its not as strong, and take off the cap and shove the head of the bottle in the butt-hole. Then stand your partner with the bottle in there butthole on their head until all the mouthwash has been emptied into the butthole. Remove the bottle and stand your partner back on there feet. Take a glass or just take right off the tap, and empty the butt-hole, if you use a glass it will look like a waterfall coming out. If taking off the tap, well your just a bad mother f*cker, then enjoy. Afterwards make sure to wash your hands, i like to use a nice chammoile and jasmine soap, the smell goes good with the butt-hole juice that is on your hands.
"hey baby, lets say we get a little freaky tonight, maybe the alaskan pipeline?" "No, we did that last night sweetie, lets just settle for the minty waterfall instead."
by Let's Pizza Stik July 05, 2009
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