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Groups of Minnesotan kids who are generally aged 12-15, that walk around aimlessly in suburban areas, looking for other mob kids to chill with. The group will almost always start out with three kids, and it will gradually get larger and larger, but never reaching a total of more than eight kids. These kids proceed to walk around town thinking that they are the shit. They will always end up at a McDonald's patio, where they then continue to criticize anyone younger than them, or other mobs that happen to pass by.
Tony: "whadup blake im hungry as fuck, wanna hit up McDonald's?"

Blake: "sure dude im not even hungry, but i passed McDonald's 5 minutes ago, and there was a gang of Minnesota mob kids chillin on the patio"

Tony: "good, looks like its gonna be a toofer. . I getta munch some dank food and fuck with some Minnesota mob kids"

Tony and Blake simultaneously: "Ahhh Suburbia"
by MuurkYaMinneapolis March 06, 2009
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