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A "Minnesota Finish" may refer to:

1. The re-occurring natural phenomenon in which a Minnesota-based athletic team will either: squander a large lead, miss a key goal/point, have their ownership make franchise/market-crippling decisions (e.g. bad draft picks/deals, relocating a beloved team; see Dallas Stars) or go from being one of the top teams in their league to completely dismal in the span of one season.


2. The apathetic attitudes of Minnesota sports fans towards their teams when said teams have a poor season, see Bandwagon; and/or towards legislation made in regards to these teams.
1. The 1998 Minnesota Vikings became only the third team in NFL history to win 15 games during the regular season and broke many records along the way. However, during the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons, Vikings Kicker Gary Anderson, 35 for 35 during the regular season, caused a "Minnesota Finish" when he missed a crucial field goal. The Falcons would beat the Vikings 30-27 as a result.

2. Minneapolis/St. Paul was recently named the 10th-Worst Sports City in the United States; largely due to the phenomenon known as the "Minnesota Finish."
by Jacques Lemaire April 20, 2008
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