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That gut-busting, toe-tingling feeling you experience after consuming a particularly greasy or caloric meal, generally occurring after the initial joy of gorging oneself on burgers ends and the pitiful self-loathing of being a pathetic lardass sets in. Not to be confused with a real heart attack.
Hey Sarah, I went to that burger joint yesterday. After I devoured a triple bacon cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, and a milkshake, I could almost feel the diabetes tickling my toes. It was most definitely a mini heart attack.
by The Percipient Scholar February 18, 2014
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An intense and often short-lived sensation of dread and fear of an adverse outcome, often immediately following an occurrence that disrupts a pattern
"Dude, that last step on those stairs gave me a mini heart attack"
"While I was sorting my photos, I had a mini heart attack when I deleted a good shot"
by Au_dragon December 18, 2017
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