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Two girls who are practically sisters. they can be considered 'butt buddies' ... they talk to eachother on a regualr basis .. hang out constantly .. and have to do everything together. with out one and other they become extremely lost and run to ther nearest pole. they are constantly confused and take every bit of anger out on eachother.... this usually results in a fight that neither one wins because they are both extremely skilled thugs! you will see them connected at the hip while walking around their highschool. sometimes they finish eachother sentences and other times they dont even have to use words to communicate. if you have a friendship like this you are officially a ' MINGBLUM"
"Those two girls , man o man, they are just a Mingblum!!!!"

"Will Maddie and Lauren ever stop talking in class. Damn it those two girls are such a Mingblum!!!"
by Ms.Julie Ann and Ms.Jean December 05, 2009
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