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A person with significant limitations in his mental abilities that is not aware of this fact himself and feels very satisfied with his/her life, often even acts as if he/she was superior to other people. Corporate setting is a natural habitat of mind bums. Outer appearance of a mind bum is similar to the you and me, you can only spot a true mind bum after working with him for a while. WARNING! Mind bums carry serious retardation that can be contagious and have ability to drag you down with them if you don't take precautions. The most effective ones are: ignoring the mind bum completely and .. well that's about it, any exposure to a mind bum can be deadly to you intellect.
Man, I feel so exhausted after this 2 hour meeting with these mind bums, I feel like my IQ has dropped 5 points at least.

Dave's dead, he committed suicide after these mind bums kept bombarding him with A4 page long e-mails asking the same question for half a year. I guess he never learned to ignore them.
by DepressiveDave July 12, 2012
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