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Now that some of the more objective facts are out of the way, here is my personal social commentary on the school/city in general. The culture of the high school is interesting to say the least. Downtown Millville (3rd Street area) is pretty much like Detroit or Camden, and the outskirts of the city (Maurice River / Laurel Lake area) could pretty much be Alabama or the Deep South. It wouldn't be an unlikely occurrence to see a cigarette chain-smoking, Confederate flag-toting, pick-up truck driving redneck pull up next to a Glock 9 packing, drug-slinging, Meek Mill wannabe rapping gang member. While these are the two extreme ends of the spectrum, the majority of the population consists of your typical Under Armour hoodie-wearing, video-game playing, middle-class white suburban Philadelphia sports aficionados (Go Birds).

The school does boast promising sports potential - most famously, 2-time American MVP League and possible MLB GOAT contender Mike Trout. The football team is a force to be reckoned with, and it would be even better if St. Augustine Prep didn't poach half of Millville's talent every year. Same thing goes for the basketball team. Hopefully the well-run sports program will continue to execute on its promising talent pool. Notable alumni include Ed Shockley (2014, Dallas Cowboys), Buddy Kennedy (2017, Arizona Diamondbacks), and Ryquell Armstead (2015, Jacksonville Jaguars).
by TrustTheProcess21 July 07, 2019
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