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Anyone who is fucking awesome, yet chill, yet awesome. In rank, a millonigger is second only to Chuck Norris. One in a million.

If referring to a girl, is fucking hot shit who has perfect bouncy yet squeezeable tits, a vag thats tight yet not painful, but isnt easy. Delicious ass, is smart yet knows how to suck or ride cock like its her job.

If referring to a guy, is fucking hot shit who knows how to fuck a girl so good, and can kick pretty much anyones ass cuz hes a champ. Fuckin smart as shit too.
"What a fucking millonigger! He just kicked those bouncers asses than fucked seventeen girls all who are now laying on the floor because their pussies are all pussed out!"

"I would do anything to get that girl! I cant believe you fucked that millonigger last night!"
by Publiushit May 31, 2009
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