What New Englanders buy right before a snow storm or "Nor'easter" as they are known to the locals. Many of the older generations of Italians and Portuguese are known to go out to buy lots of milk and bread in fear they will be snowed into their homes without power for days before National Grid gets their shit together.
Eh, Tom, Tony Petrarca says there is a Nor'easter coming for Rhode Island! We gotta get to Shaws and buy Milk and Bread!
by Prussian Exile December 13, 2017
Is not a thing and will never be a thing. Cause it’s fucking stupid.
Condensed milk and bread: The act of taking a slice of bread and putting it in condensed milk.

-“Hey Greg, you want some bread and condensed milk?”
-“no, that’s not a real fucking thing
by Sheblumie March 29, 2022
Tooru Oikawa's favorite food is milk bread! It slaps and I would suggest trying it yourself.
"Tooru Oikawa's favorite food is milk bread! his personal motto is if you're gonna hit it, hit it till it breaks!"
by gingwhereareyou February 4, 2021
Japanese milk bread is a type of bread made from a combination of human sweat, tears, saliva, and breast milk. It is known for its unique, slightly salty flavor and moist, pillowy texture.
He was the last to cum; though he was tear ridden; the Japanese milk bread was his and his alone.
by 0xOvipositor December 11, 2022
imma eat your juicy thick fat tasty milk jugs i mean milk bread and after that ill shove it up my ass
by JuicyThicckMilkBread December 16, 2021
Group of cars driving to the shops to collect bread and milk
A common misconception is that most of the cars have 2L engines a size in which milk comes in, however this is not true
Hey a milk and bread run is called milk and bread run because of all the 2L engines,
No,no it's not serene
by Unknown1735391 May 22, 2017