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Mike talk first made it's appearance in 2001 and was created by Michael Bryant. Mike talk uses the English language, but in reverse. Many words and phrases used by today's teen and post teen generation are simply reversed, but without reversed meaning.

Mike talk also uses single letters to represent their (sometimes) corresponding words. See the examples below for a better understanding of how it works. The whole reason for Mike talk is to simplify the pronunciation of the English language. Mike Bryant sums up the whole reason for Mike talk in one simple sentence:

"Mike talk was created to be easier than strictly English. You see all these people talking normal, and it's just G."

Another reason for mike talk is to make people think about what you just said. It's more fun to mix your sentences up and can also be very humorous. Mike talk is also used as a language among Michael Bryant's friends in order to speak in a sort of code. Not too many people understand some of the deeper areas of Mike talk, thus giving Mike's friends a cover over what they are REALLY talking about, such as inappropriate things in public.
Miketalk - "I'll give you an A."
American - "I'll give you a call"

The above example probably used to be "I'll give you a C." Even furthering the Mike talk of the sentence, the letter C was changed to A. A sounds much better than C and A flows much better than the letter C. Another point of Mike talk

Miketalk - "It was bad seeing you guys."
American - "It was good seeing you guys."

Miketalk - "Have a cursed one."
American - "Have a blessed day/night."

Miketalk - "I'm sick of the B A piece of S."
American - "I'm sick of this bitch ass piece of shit."
by Michael Bryant September 13, 2007
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