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A short, and short tempered little woman who's fierceness is the female version of the 'short-man complex'. She is a vile temptress, yet at first she disguises herself as a shy, coy and giggly cute girl, but then she will show her enjoyment for making men suffer from painful hard-on's with nothing but their own hand to relieve it just so she can laugh at their expense.


Also a popular name for a female kitten/cat.

Man: Ohhh, you're so cute and cuddly.
Miisu: I'll let you touch.
Man: ( touches, gets worked into a frenzy, wants sex )
Miisu: No no, thats not for you. Oh whaddya know, I have to go! SOrry hun, you're gonna have to finish that by yourself.
by hitokui January 05, 2009
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