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One of the great tribunal rebels leading the rebelion on the island of Aloysius. He leads a rebellion with Don Hock and Sung Bung He is a devoute follower of the left wing extremist gods Mark Chavez, Chris DiBrino, and Wan DiEggo. This one man is responsible for the destruction of The Saint's iron rule on the frigid northern mountain region of Aloysius. The Saint was well known for using sound to terrorize and kill Aloysian rebels. Because of this, and teh teachings of Mark Chavez, he no longer listens to music.
"All hail Miguel!"
"Miguel is our great leader!"
"Hey everyone, its Miguel, Sung Bung, and Don Hock! Lets bow down to them and give them money and let them have sex with our hot wives and stuff! Yah!!!"
by Mike and Dan November 12, 2004
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