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A very endangered species only found in New Jersey. The species are going extinct because the species are only female and tends to lick too much carpet to care about the problem. Dykes tend to be hostile nature,not very fast at all and most percent of them have orange hair on top of the cranium.They usually wear glasses to spot squares of carpet from miles away. Their diet usually consist of Slim Jim's,smothered in tobasco sauce. This diet tends to make them extremely horny and seek the nearest carpet or vagina in range of their long tongues.
Matt: Oy! DYKE!
Pat: It's a wild one! VERY RARE! CROIKY!
Kev:Watch as the Mighty Dyke majestically loafs his way around the street. Look at the size of that tongue!
Pat: Croiky! He spotted us! Quick! Use the tranquilizer gun!(shoots,dead on)
Matt: Good shot Winchesta!!!!
by DagoCorp. December 09, 2006
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