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The act of having been punked, scared or frightened to the point of vomiting as a result of a practical joke. Symptoms of having been ‘Miedemaed’ include the onset of a stress migraine. Being ‘Miedemaed’ is similar to having been caught on Candid Camera however when caught on Candid Camera it is recorded for the enjoyment of millions of viewers in both Idaho and Oshawa, Ontario. When one has been ‘Miedemaed’ the look of terror on one’s face is not for the enjoyment of millions of yokels. After having been ‘Miedemaed’ it is customary to be offered a beer.

Etymology – This word came into common usage after one such T. Miedema accused several students in TRN 305 of plagiarism. After writing student numbers on the board, waiving envelops, displaying utter disappointment, and reassuring the student body that this was very serious, she continued to lecture on criminal law. Midway through the lecture it was explained that this was an exercise to teach the Waspy and law school bound what it feels like to have your life ruined for driving while black (D.W.B. see R. v. Brown, (2003) 173 C.C.C.). The purpose of said exercise was to illustrate the importance of defence council in criminal trials.
Ashton Kutcher to P.Diddy after telling him that Sean Jean reported a third quarter loss: “Yo! You’ve just been Miedemaed!”
by TRN 305 March 07, 2008
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