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Usually restricted to times of intense inebriation, foreplay is forgone the decision is taken to go down on her straight away. What you next experience can only be likened to 'pot holing'. You feel like you could take a stroll through her huge vaginal cavity, and it's lined with the sort of growths and protuberances that you need to be wearing a hard hat to protect yourself. The stench is like thousand-year-old stagnant water, preventing you from breathing properly and claustrophobia is only two steps behind you.
The only way to feel clean again after the experience is to shower for two weeks solid in boiling water.
Guy1: Dude, did you REALLY get off with that beast last night?

Guy2: I can't talk about it - it was midnight pot holing in the extreme....
by BigBadJonnyboy August 22, 2011
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