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If you are targeted for removal by the international network of microwave transmitter harassment, one of the first steps is to isolate you by changing your sleeping habits, including causing "insomnia", letting you sleep only during the day, or on an unusual pattern.

The result is that you will most likely not see a lot of sun, but you will probably feel like you are getting a sunburn. It goes a few inches into your skin.

You may begin to experience splotchy skin tone, and the feeling that you are being burned, dryness of throat, dry eyes, and a numbness in your face and on the top of your head. Try putting a hand on some grounded metal.

Get up and move around. Talk about your experiences openly with people, because the harassment only works if you are insecure about your ethics, your words, and actions.
"I started leaving 'magical', exploitive thinking behind, and soon found myself with ADD and a bad case of midnight sunburn."
by Prime Optimist April 21, 2010
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