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Having tunnel vision, a person unable to accept or process information not consistent with their own paranoid delusions.
I tried to explain the reasoning behind gun control but he's a midnight rambler.
by mojometal February 27, 2015
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1) The Midnight Ramblers are an all male a cappella group established in 1998 in the Welles Brown Room at the University of Rochester.

2) A flock of sexy singing men who occasionally make girls and closeted males faint on sight. The singular form, the Rambler, is also known to cause heavy breathing and lustful stares when entering a crowded room (proximity of under 6.7 feet is also known to cause fainting symptoms similar to those caused by being within a mile of the entire group during practice hours). Often pursued by people who are weird (in a good way). Loved by damsels in distress or otherwise.

Synonyms: Singing gods, Sex Beasts, Instagasm
Person Sitting in Starbucks: Omg is that The Midnight Ramblers I hear?

Other Person Sitting in Starbucks: It can't be, there's one sitting over there... OMG are they walking this way?!

Person Sitting in Starbucks: Shit! You know what happens when they get within 6.7 feet right?

Other Person Sitting in Starbucks: No, what?!

Innocent Bystander within 6.7 feet: *faints*

Other Person Sitting in Starbucks: Oh hell!
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