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Someone in your group of friends thats very short in height, yet very commanding, demanding and violent; they always want it their way.
example 1
Kevin: "So, are you still dating that girl?"
Matt: "Oh, u mean Midget Hitler? Yeah... Dude, she made me wash her car yesterday!"

example 2
Maria: "Is their anyone else coming to the party?"
Dean: "I dunno. I was gonna invite my Midget Hilter, but then I decided not to. I don't want you guys getting beat to death."
by Shadow_Caster May 21, 2010
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Someone who came be very nice at times who a few people like(and or worship) and can be mean and sometimes outright aggressive at others. very short, hence 'midget'. Can also be referred to as the spazz, a miny Hitler, or that really short/ aggressive person.
Girl1:Hey, aare you still having that sleep-over tomorrow night?
Girl1:Who else is invited?
Girl2: Not midget hitler thats for sure, I like my house in one piece, thank-you!
by Shadow_Casters' Friend May 25, 2010
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