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Also referred to as the "midi scale," it is a binary scale akin to the 1-10 hotness scale - except that it goes from 0-1. Its name originates from the lacrosse culture of the suburbs surrounding Boston, MA,USA.

1's on the middy scale are those who meet your standards, and whom you would do the nasty with

0's on the middy scale are so physically repulsive that they still look like a bad idea after heavy drinking - a solid "hell no"
--lad #1: "hey look at that girl! over there SOLID one the middy scale"
--lad #2: "yeah but look at her friend, that's a zero even on a good day"
--lad #1: "oh damn, I thought that was just an effeminate dude!"
by lolsquid January 28, 2014
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