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Any person who works for Microsoft. They are not able to come up with an original thought. Some people say they are all creatively dead. Others say they are a mindless human being.

Microsoft Zombies are known for stealing ideas from Apple and Linux. Their implementation of a stolen idea is always sub standard. They are also known for trying to prove to the world their products are better.

Microsoft Zombies are also very hypocritical. They are known for saying Google is a monopoly because they have a large share of the internet search market share. If you point out Microsoft has over 90% of the desktops, they will tell you that is "different".
Today a Microsoft Zombie told me to "bing" it.

I went to purchase an IPhone, but a Microsoft Zombie told me I should get a Windows Mobile device.

Only a Microsoft Zombie would say Google has a monopoly!

A Microsoft Zombie will keep a straight face when he tells you Windows Aero is not a rip-off of Linux's Compiz Beryl.

A Microsoft Zombie will try to convince you Windows 7 is cool and hip, and Snow Leopard is a tool of the devil.
by Microsoft Alumni April 06, 2010
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