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When for a brief moment (a few seconds) you really really crave a cigarette, and it's dizzying and usually accompanied by a strong remembering of the smell/taste, even if nobody around is smoking. It passes very fast.

This is also common for social smokers, and is the first sign of addiction starting to set in. In social smokers, the microcravings get more and more intense the longer they stay a social smoker and the more often they social smoke, until they become actual cravings and they become a full-blown smoker. If you're a social smoker who has started getting microcravings, it's basically your last chance to turn back, as this is the last stage at which quitting is easy.

For ex-social smokers who were smart enough to not get fully addicted, future exposure even months after they quit can trigger microcravings again. For example, spending an extended period of time in the smoking area of a nightclub may result in you having microcravings the next day or two.
When I was 19 and at college, I experimented with social smoking cuz everyone was doing it, but after my fifth lifetime cigarette, I started to get microcravings, these really dizzying moments of wanting a cigarette for a few seconds. The more I did it, the stronger these microcravings lasted and I realized I was actually getting addicted to smoking, so I stopped. My friend wasn't so smart, and became a 20-a-day smoker. Hanging around them was exposing me to so much second-hand smoke that my microcravings actually returned again, so I had to stop hanging out with them until they cut down.
by FmlAnotherMicrocraving July 15, 2018
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