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When a customer refuses to order from any business which advertises itself online through Google ads, Instagram, Facebook and the like because s/he had a bad experience when s/he ordered from another business which advertised itself in a similar manner. A lot of the businesses which use ultra-targeted social media marketing are microbrands which tend to indulge in practices such as just-in-time manufacturing and dropshipping. Thus most Instagram (et al) users have experienced the 'Purchase made from China without knowing it' - that is, they ordered through an Instagram ad which promised a company based in your country, delivery within 2 weeks and a no-quibble refund policy. When their order finally arrived months later from the Far East, the sizes were all wrong, the quality was much lower than expected and, since there's usually little customer service to speak of with these companies, asking for a refund was like trying to get blood out of a stone.

Customers who have experienced such frustrations are 'Once bitten, twice shy'; even though there might be some very good businesses who offer good quality products and stellar customer service out there advertising themselves on Instagram, they are very reluctant to risk a repeat of the last time they ordered from a business they thought was legit.
"Hey, check out this great deal on jeans and custom T-Shirts!"
"No way, last time I ordered T-Shirts from an online ad they were 2 sizes small and 2 months late. I'm Microbrand Shy."
by Sue858 May 29, 2018
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