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Mickardo is very popular. He's extremely social and everyone finds him amazingly cool. But on the inside hes scared. And this only shows when he's in love with someone. Then the person he is in love with (and only that person) will discover who he really is. A super nice, sensitive guy. But really kind of a coward. However he is extremely loyal and always speaks his mind no matter what kind of trouble it gets him into. He's smart and more mature than he wants people to think. He almost never gets mad at a teacher or screws anything up. He's funny and people look up to him. There's so much to him and he's so complicated that you're just kind of drawn to him. He's like two people at once and sometimes that's frustrating but sometimes it's kinda hot.
- wow that guy is so effortlessly cool... He's almost a Mickardo!
by SnowPea14 April 09, 2015
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