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A disgusting yet extremely arousing sex act in which an individual places slices of ham between their buttcheeks and has their sexual partner eat all of the ham. For it to be a true Michigan ham sandwich, there must be atleast 4 thick slices of ham between the cheeks.

ALT: Michigan Ham Sandwich on Pumpernickel

The same process as before, but the ham-holder is of african descent, thus giving the appearance of ham slices between pumpernickel bread.
"Man, I was just jerkin' mah gerkin' when Susie came over. Already extremely horny, my dick reached maximum size when she preformed a Michigan Ham Sandwich.

"Eyyo maen, me ands Sharkeliquaiea was fuckin' yezerday, and she ot' some ham out of da frigg, ya know? She did the Michigan Ham Sandwich on Pumpernickel nigga! I'z gotz some shit on my tongue, boi."

"Yeah girl, I was with Jake the other day, and I really wanted to get intimate, you know? And he did the Michigan Ham Sandwich. I would imagine it would have tasted delicious if I wasn't constantly smelling his sweaty taint."
by endwalker November 11, 2016
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