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1. Nickname for Michelle, which is either French or Hebrew for "who is like God?".
2. Extremely attractive and known for their silent yet seductive gazes, Michelley's are sexy. They can be identified with any, but preferably most, of the following physical characteristics: long, blonde wavy hair; golden-green eyes; full lips, great smile; amazing hourglass figure. Approx. 5'6" so the perfect height- not too tall, but not too short.
3. Sweet, affectionate, and extremely loveable; amazing in bed, but to get into bed with a Michelley is an outright miracle, seeing as they are very romantic, as well as sexy.
4. Extremely sarcastic, clever, and quick-witted. A Michelley calls it like it is, but often adds a devious, witty comment that becomes a new quote.
5. She's extremely perceptive. She notices the most subtle show of emotions in people, and people come to her for advice on just about anything.
6. Has book-smarts, common-sense smarts, and is athletic as well. Very competitive.
Guy #1: "Dude, I saw the SEXIEST girl ever today! Absolutely gorgeous, and she's a blonde too! Her green eyes and everything... she's perfect! I haven't stopped thinking about her ever since!"
Guy #2: "Ohhh dude, you saw a Michelley, for sure. Did you take any pictures or get her number?"

Person: Michelley's the sweetest girl in the world. She always gives me hugs when she sees me, and she makes me feel so loved, even if I'm a giant douchebag..

How the heck does Michelley come up with those witty as hell sayings?! Is there a sarcasm gene or something? I couldn't stop laughing while I hung out with her today.

If you need to let out some problems, talk to Michelley. She's a great listener. But don't bother playing games with her. She's so damn competitive and good at everything.
by MissCaliBrownie February 25, 2010
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