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One of the hottest "schoolgirl" softcore porn artists of all time. Her videos are perfect and make any straight guy or gay girl cum quick.
Holy tater-tots! I have never busted my load quicker to an internet slut in my entire life. This Michelle Lynn is hot as fuck.
by jacksonm88 June 26, 2009
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1)A good girl; someone who believes in doing the right thing at all cost. Believes in fate and has high morals. Dislikes lying and thinks family is important. At times can be stubborn and not think. Clumsy. Tends to be nice to people, but gets annoyed easily and doesnt trust very well. Tends to have pretty eyes. Unique and often called odd.
2)one who is amazingly concieted and very crazy. Michelle-Lynn's tend to be a little out there but that is what makes them so loveable. they are also nymphos.

3)Hot, sexy bitch that will fuck you like you never been fucked before!
Guy: Wow last night was killer
Other Guy: Wow you look like you had a rough one, what happened?
Guy: I met a Michelle-Lynn and got fucked so hard I don't think I can fuck for a week.
by SExyLADEEEE!!!! April 13, 2010
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